Veterinary Medicine

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Kirstie Pickles – Clinical Assistant Professor in Equine Medicine

Kirstie attended WGS from 1984-1991. She graduated as a vet from Glasgow University in 1996. After a year in practice she undertook a three year residency in Equine Medicine and then a three year PhD at the University of Edinburgh to become a European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine. She has worked in both academia and private practice in this role, both in the UK and abroad. She currently works at the University of Nottingham as Clinical Assistant Professor in Equine Medicine, teaching vets of the future.

Charlotte Moss McCrory – Veterinary Surgeon

Despite having grown up in suburban Manchester with minimal exposure to agriculture, Charlie is a practicing farm animal vet, and she adores what she does. After leaving WGS in 2012, she went on to study veterinary medicine at the University of Liverpool. Charlie graduated in 2017 and went straight into first opinion small animal practice, conducting consultations and performing surgery. She transitioned into solely farm animal practice in 2018 and now spends 90% of her time working with high performance and block calving dairy herds, embracing ‘farm chic’ in waterproofs!

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