In Sixth Form, pupils can choose to study three or four subjects. Each subject is allocated eight periods of 35-40 minutes per week and group sizes are capped under normal circumstances at 14, though most groups are smaller than this. There are no requirements to study any particular subject(s).

In Year 13, pupils studying four subjects may choose to revert to three subjects but many continue with four. In addition, they will attend an imaginative Enrichment Programme. There may also be extra lessons for those applying to Oxbridge, preparing for Olympiads, or keen to extend their knowledge beyond the A Level specifications.

Sixth Form Curriculum

The following subjects were offered to our current A-Level pupils:

ArtEnglish LiteratureFurther Mathematics
ChemistryGeographyPhilosophy, Ethics & Religion
Classical CivilisationGermanPhysical Education
Computer ScienceGreekPhysics
Drama & Theatre StudiesHistoryPolitics
English LanguageMathematicsSpanish

Following the results of the GCSE mock examinations, current Year 11 pupils will have a personal interview with the Careers Department to discuss their future plans.

Pupils will then be required to make firm decisions regarding their A-Level choices in February. Most girls will be able to study their selected subjects, but there may be very few girls whose preferred options cannot be fitted into the custom blocking system along with the choices made by other students.

Some pupils may change their minds after making their choices. This is, of course, understandable and will be accommodated as long as subject sets are not full and the combination of subjects is possible within the existing blocking system. However, pupils must bear in mind that the timetable is constructed on the basis of which subjects they initially choose, and group sizes are balanced therein. Some changes may not be possible after the timetable has been constructed because of the implications for other groups of girls switching between blocks. This especially applies to practical subjects such as Sciences, where the ability to run certain experiments may be compromised by larger groups.

Curriculum from September 2023

There is further information on A Level subject options in the WGS A Level Subject Guide 2023-24:

Hear more about our courses from our Heads of Department

Enrichment Programme

Our very own Enrichment programme was introduced in September 2016. The course contains core elements of PSHCE, Careers, Professional Skills, Financial Literacy and a Speakers Programme. All Sixth Formers are expected to take part in some physical activity and some voluntary service. Beyond those compulsory elements, pupils might have a choice of the following subjects:

Studio Recording
Business finance
Food and nutrition
Musical Theatre
Communication Skills

These courses are either five or ten weeks long, and lessons are between one and two periods. Girls are made aware of the time commitments they are making when they make their choices, and must all choose optional courses for the Autumn and Spring term to complement the compulsory elements of the programme.


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