Peer Support

The Peer Support system at Withington is well established and continues to evolve. We feel that it represents one of the real strengths of our School – pupils supporting pupils and staff and pupils working together for the good of the School community. The opportunity to become a Peer Supporter is open to our Upper Sixth Formers and it is a credit to them and to the sense of community at Withington that for the past few years all of our Upper Sixth students have volunteered to take on this responsibility.

Trained by the Deputy Head and Assistant Head of Sixth Form, the pupils are assigned to a younger form and build a relationship with them through weekly activities. Peer Supporters provide a role model for younger pupils, help them in their form and year group activities and can offer guidance and a listening ear if needed.

Along with the House system, School Council and a wealth of extra-curricular events and clubs, Peer Support enriches School life by enabling pupils of different ages to work together, have fun together and support each other, reflecting and sustaining our ethos of Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Personal Responsibility.

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