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The Bursary Fund

Why Bursaries are important at Withington




Withington has long held dear principles of social cohesion, diversity and inclusion. The Bursary Fund is integral to our school. It consolidates our vision and ethos to create a warm community centred on equality and opportunity, irrespective of a pupil’s race, religion, social background and financial situation. It also ensures that Withington retains its position as a true centre for excellence open to all.

We know from experience that bursary students bring unique qualities to the school and help maintain the diversity that we have celebrated since the founding of Withington in 1890.

Currently 1 in 6 of the pupils in the Senior School is supported by a bursary. A third of our bursary funding is directed to bursary recipients from the lowest income families who require support of 80% or more of the fees.

However, in recent years, the number of applications for bursaries has continued to grow. This means an increasing number of talented individuals are unable to take up their place at Withington, as there is simply not enough bursary funding available.

Our immediate aim is to increase our overall bursary provision to include 1 in 5 Senior School pupils.

We offer a range of bursaries awarded according to need and rigorously means-tested. Longer term, our aim remains to achieve a ‘needs-blind’ admission policy. Moving to 1 in 5 is another step to bring us closer to this goal.

Regardless of the level of support that is needed, a bursary transforms the educational experiences and future opportunities for these individuals. By supporting them now, and increasing their opportunities for stronger educational qualifications, you are investing in future generations of children in the North West and beyond.



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We would like to thank our Withington community who continue to contribute towards our Bursary Fund. If you would like to make a difference by supporting the Bursary Fund, please use this link, or contact the Development Team.


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