Withington is named an Arts Award Trinity Champion Centre

Withington Girls’ School has been selected to be an Arts Award Trinity Champion Centre for the 2022-23 academic year due to the successful delivery of the Arts Award programme. In this role, our Arts Award Coordinators Miss Brown and Ms Knipe will inspire other delivery centres by sharing their practice and celebrating all that they do with our pupils.

Arts Award enables young people to deepen their engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills, all whilst achieving a national qualification. The awarding body responsible for Arts Award is Trinity College London. At Withington, Arts Award is offered to Junior and Senior pupils up to and including Year 9. Over 70 pupils embarked on the Explore (Junior), Bronze (Year 7) and Silver (Year 8 and 9) courses during the last academic year and a 100% pass rate was achieved across all levels.

Arts Award has also been delivered to local primary schools as part of our ongoing partnership work. 28 pupils at St James’ Primary School have received certificates after taking part in the Jubilee-themed activities as part of the Discover course.

Withington is one of 69 chosen Champion Centres for the new academic year. Centres range across the country in a variety of sectors including arts and culture, youth and community and formal education. Champion Centres are recognised by Trinity for their successful delivery of Awards. Ways in which this success could be proven include unique delivery, successful moderations, positively impacting learners, or innovation in the arts.

Miss Brown said: “We are thrilled to be listed as a Trinity College Arts Award Champion Centre. The Arts Award programme is very popular with students here at Withington, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for pupils to learn new art-making techniques alongside developing communication and project management skills. They also benefit from spending time with their friends in a creative and engaging art studio environment. Over the course of the year, each student enrolled onto the programme will produce a highly personalised and unique portfolio that showcases their designs, artwork, research, and personal reflections. We are pleased that we will be able to share our pupils work as well as our own thoughts, ideas, and plans with other Arts Award Centres.”

Arts Award Exhibition 2021-22: