Junior School Admissions

The Junior School admits pupils into two Year 3 (Transition) classes, with additional places available in Year 4 (Form I). A small number of places may be available for Year 5 (Lower II) and Year 6 (Upper II).

Admission to the Junior School is by an Entrance Assessment for Years 3 and 4, ready for entry in the following September. The Entrance Assessment takes place in January of each year – please refer to our published Admissions Timetable for the current admissions cycle.

We ask parents to inform us, using the confidential information form, of any disability or special educational need which might affect their daughter’s ability to participate in the admissions procedure. The Head of the Junior School will consult with parents about the adjustments which can reasonably be made to ensure that the application procedure is accessible for their daughter and that the Junior School can cater adequately for her should an offer of a place be made.

The following information aims to guide you through every stage of the admissions process to the Junior School. The whole aim of the assessments are to test the girls’ ability to think for themselves. It is not necessary, or even helpful, for the girls to be heavily tutored, as this will not help us to discover their true potential.

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Entry Points

Entry for the Junior school is by an Entrance Assessment taken in January of each year. There are places available in two Year 3 (Transition) classes with additional places available for Year 4 (Form I) entry. A small number of places may be available for Year 5 (Lower II) and Year 6 (Upper II).

In addition to the January Entrance Assessment, places do occasionally become available during the school year; please contact our Admissions Department to enquire.

“Withington Girls’ School is a pleasure to be in. My favourite thing about school is the kindness! Everyone is so kind.” – Lower II pupils

Entrance Assessment

Before the Assessment

Complete an Application Form, taking take care to enter the correct date of birth. We ask that you include a passport-sized photograph, a copy of the information page of your daughter’s passport and birth certificate, and her most recent school report. If she has a report in December, please wait and send that one.

There are no sample papers as the English and Mathematics Assessments will be similar to work that the girls usually do at school.

Please do not practise a story; it will not help as the story must be written on the given titles and a prepared essay is most unhelpful to your daughter and to us if we are to understand her potential.

Please be aware that we are looking for girls who will enjoy their education here and will thrive in the Withington environment. We may not be right for every girl.

On Assessment Day

We ask that the candidates arrive at the main entrance of the school by 8.50am ready to start at 9.00am and they will be ready to be collected at 12.30pm. Do leave enough time for parking, as it can become congested in the roads around school.

The girls will be welcomed by pupils from Upper II (Year 6). They will be taken to individual classrooms where teachers of the relevant Year will be there to talk to them and make them feel at home. Activities will be available to the girls before the start of the assessments.

Drinks and biscuits are provided during the breaks and the girls will be taken to the toilets by Year 6 helpers.

The morning is as informal as possible and girls may ask questions, although they cannot get help with the answers! We want everyone to feel comfortable and we try to make the atmosphere relaxed. 

The Assessment

  • A short, taught task for Year 3 and Year 5 entry.
  • A reading test for Year 4 and Year 6 entry.
  • English – comprehension, language skills and story.
  • Mathematics – basic numeracy and problem solving.

Please be available to collect your daughter promptly at the time specified on the Assessment Day. Parking is available in various side roads near the School.

After the Assessment

There are no formal interviews for Junior girls; we talk to them and observe them on the Assessment Day. A reference and/or a recent report will be needed from your daughter’s current school before a formal offer can be made.

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