Fees - Withington Girls' School

Fees for 2019/2020*

* Fees will next be reviewed in December 2020

Senior School

Junior School

Per Term £ Per Year £ Per Term £ Per Year £
Fees 4,211 12,633 3,160 9,480
Insurance 6 18 6 18
Lunches 248 744 248 744
Total 4,465 13,395 3,414 10,242

Unlike many other schools, our fees are inclusive of charges for external examination fees, textbooks, stationery and early/late stay provision, which offers Junior School pupils supervised care from 8am before school and until 5.15pm after school. Senior girls may arrive at school from 7.45am with after-school supervised care until 5.15pm and collection by 5.30pm.

Most parents pay by direct debit, either at the beginning of each term, or in instalments over 10 months. If an instalment method is chosen, there is a small administrative charge of £10 per term.

A small levy (currently 4% of fee income) is transferred to the WGS Trust [Charity Number 505207] for the provision of Senior School bursaries.

Terms and Conditions for Withington Parents

The terms and conditions for Withington parents and pupils can be read by downloading the pdf file from the link below.

Terms and conditions for Withington parents

Cancellation of Acceptance of a Place

The terms of cancelling acceptance of a place are set out in this document, which also includes a form which may be completed to give notice.

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