Parents Funding Futures

We’re sure it was an emotional moment for you as a parent when you sent your daughter off to WGS for the very first time, knowing that you had provided an opportunity for her to benefit from everything that Withington can offer.

Since our founding in 1890, our vision and ethos has always been to create a warm community centred on equality and opportunity, irrespective of a pupil’s race, religion, social background and financial situation, ensuring that Withington remains a true centre for excellence open to all. Providing bursary support to bright girls who would not otherwise be able to benefit from a Withington education is positive for all pupils in our care. It helps us uphold the principles of social cohesion, diversity and inclusion that we have long held dear.

As part of our Withington community, we would like to invite you to partner with us to help transform opportunities for other young girls with potential to take their place alongside your daughter at Withington.

Our ‘Parents Funding Futures’ scheme gives you the opportunity to add a donation towards the Bursary Fund to your annual, termly or monthly fee payment, making it easier to support able girls to reach their true potential who would otherwise miss out on all that a Withington education offers. What’s more, if you are eligible to Gift Aid the extra donation, it will be worth 25% more.


“As parents, we all want to provide the very best opportunities we can for our children, especially when it comes to education, but I know that not all families are fortunate enough to have the
same choices that we do. By donating to the Bursary Fund we feel that we are opening the door for someone else’s child to have the kind of educational experience that we wanted for our daughter.”

Mr Campbell, Parent

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