Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Withington is an inclusive welcoming school which values and celebrates all members of its community so that everyone can thrive and flourish.

We are proud of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy which allows us to reflect in depth on the inclusive culture of our school and to ensure that everyone benefits from the strength and success that a positive active approach to inclusion brings.

We recognise that inclusion enables individuals from every different background to feel safe and valued and that an inclusive environment is about feeling a sense of belonging and security in an atmosphere of mutual respect. The central principle of respect has always been explicit in our school values and we are keen to actively reflect on ways in which we can further develop the ethos of respect and belonging in different areas of school life.

Our EDI leadership team has attended two extended training and discussion sessions this year, followed by a series of planning meetings during which we finalised our EDI Action Plan for 2022/23 and a whole staff training day on Inclusion. The purpose of our action plan is to ensure the following EDI aims are achieved at our school:

  1. Our school draws on a diverse range of voices, experiences and opinions which is key to providing outstanding academic and personal development
  2. Our school is a positive environment where everyone’s different strengths are valued and our people feel emotionally and physically safe and able to contribute authentically
  3. Our people look forward and outward, reflecting and contributing to social, political and legal change
  4. Our pupils are effectively prepared to be tomorrow’s leaders and advocates of EDI issues for future generations
  5. Children from all backgrounds feel welcome to apply to Withington and our school is the best possible reflection of the diverse communities across our city and region
  6. Pupils and staff past and present can be proud of being a member of our school
  7. There are positive role models in our school for everyone

Our EDI pupil team has continued to thrive, with pupils helping to plan our Culture Day on February 22nd, where we learned more about each other’s traditions and identities and our Citizenship Day on June 10th, where we will explore and celebrate the theme of ‘More in Common’.  We are looking forward to welcoming Ije McDougall, author and magistrate for the UK Ministry of Justice to deliver our keynote address on ‘Understanding and Addressing Xenophobia’ before sharing Jubilee celebrations with our guests from the local community.

Other key events this year, running alongside all the opportunities for EDI exploration in the PSHCE and wider school curriculum, have been a whole school assembly delivered by Professor Amanda Kirby on neurodiversity and inclusion; participation in MACFest, an international Muslim Arts and Culture festival designed to promote understanding and unity; sessions delivered by the Proud Trust exploring LGBTQI+ identities and a special visit from Mike Haines from Global Acts of Unity.

We are proud to support the Schools’ Inclusion Alliance and look forward to continuing to share our ongoing journey with schools across the country.

Withington has had since its very beginnings a commitment to equality and social responsibility in its DNA and we recognise our important role as an educator in continuing to empower our pupils to become responsible global citizens.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to contribute to the discussion at conversation@wgs.org (please let us know your connection to Withington when you contact us).

Updated May 2022

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