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The Entrance Assessment is taken in January of Year 2 to enter Transition (Year 3) in September. The following is a guide to what each girl should be capable of at the time of the Entrance Assessment.


  • Addition
  • Subtraction in simple written forms
  • Multiplication in the simplest form e.g. ‘lots of’
  • Division as used in ‘sharing’ not formal division
  • Clocks – ability to tell the time on the hour and half hour
  • Simple fractions
  • Tables 2x, 3x, and 4x
  • A number of story sums where the ability to read is essential
  • Simple bar charts


  • Fluent reading is expected
  • Answering simple questions on a passage
  • Ability to write a simple, imaginative story
  • Simple idea of sentence construction, such as full stops and use of capital letters
  • Legible writing with no confusion of letters

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