Senior School Admissions

Entry to the Senior School is by examination and interview. Examinations are held in January of each year and, following a review of the examination results, a significant number of girls will be invited for interview in the three to four weeks following the examination day. Please refer to our published Admissions Timetable for the current admissions cycle.

Papers for the Senior School Examinations for entry into Year 7 (Third Form) are taken in English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Places do become available in other Years and interested parents should contact our Admissions Department on or 0161 249 3371, for further information.

We ask parents to inform us, using the confidential information form, of any disability or special educational need which might affect their daughter’s ability to participate in the admissions procedure. We will consult with parents about the adjustments which can reasonably be made to ensure that the application procedure is accessible for their daughter and that the Senior School can cater adequately for her should an offer of a place be made.

For more information about admissions, fees and bursaries click here.

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Entrance Examinations

Current information about the entrance examinations process is on the main Entrance Examinations page.

We are aware that this will be the first experience of a formal examination situation for many girls and we aim to make the whole experience as unthreatening as possible. Some pupils actually say they enjoyed the day!


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