US SAT Exams

General Information

Withington was accredited as the first North West Test Centre for US SAT examinations in 2014, offering an opportunity for students in the Manchester area to have an SAT test centre available to them that was relatively close to home. Increasing numbers of UK students are interested in applying for American universities and the SAT test is a central part of the application process for universities in the USA.

Please note that all the registration and allocation of centres is done centrally by ETS (the company that runs the SAT tests). Students should register using the college board website.

Students need to check this website regularly as it will have the dates that registration opens as well the dates of the tests available. Unfortunately, as a SAT Centre we are not permitted to hold seats for our own students. So students (including current Withington pupils) must register as soon as possible in order to maximize their chances of sitting the SAT tests at Withington.

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