History and Founders

The Foundation of Withington Girls’ School

Withington Girls’ School was founded in 1890 by a group of eminent and far-sighted Manchester families who wanted the same educational opportunities for their daughters as were already available for their sons.

They stipulated that:

  • the School should remain small, to allow for the individual development of each girl;
  • all girls should be taught the Natural Sciences, as it constitutes excellent intellectual training;
  • there should be more physical exercise and practical work than usual in girls’ schools;
  • no prizes should be awarded, as the pleasure of academic work should be its own reward.

Despite much development academically and physically over the years, the School has remained true in essence to these forward-looking principles.

Read more about the Founders of Withington Girls’ School and the Commemoration of the Founders which is read each year on Founders’ Day.

Withington provides an impressively wide range of experiences which go well beyond the classroom, yet retains a friendly, responsive environment which best encourages each girl to fulfil her whole potential. This stimulates a high standard of achievement.

The School benefits greatly from the cosmopolitan background which the City and University of Manchester have always provided. There is much to motivate and to inspire in such influences.

Withington remains in the forefront of girls’ education in the way its founders intended, offering an exceptional quality of opportunity, academic, cultural, sporting and social, and encouraging independence of mind and high aspirations.

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