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As part of Withington’s Projects and Partnerships programme, we are delighted to work with St James Church of England Primary School in Rusholme to organise and deliver an engaging Arts Award Discover project.

Arts Award Advisor, Miss Hannah Brown, explains: “The project takes inspiration from the heritage of our local area and the communities that have shaped where we live and work today. Each pupil in Year 4 and 5 at St James and our whole cohort of Lower II (Year 5) pupils will be provided with a bespoke portfolio, which has been designed with our shared history in mind.

“We have a dependable team of Lower Fifth (Year 10) pupils who have been helping to prepare a wide variety of worksheets for these portfolios; an activity that is contributing towards the volunteering component of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for these pupils.”

Young artists at both schools will refer to specially made demonstration videos and, using the portfolios as a starting point, will create artwork each week inspired by old stories of Rusholme and Fallowfield. They will also conduct research into interesting artists and craftspeople. “Towards the end of the project, classes from both schools will correspond with each other, sharing their ideas and what they have discovered throughout their Arts Award journey. We also hope to create an exhibition of everyone’s artwork, either as a physical display or as a digital gallery,” says Miss Brown.

A showcase of Year 4’s portfolios:

On successful completion of the course and with a full and exciting portfolio of work, each pupil will be presented with an Arts Council England accredited Arts Award Discover certificate. This award is the first of many levels on the Arts Award scheme and is a fantastic opportunity for all pupils to develop their practical artistic abilities alongside strengthening their communication skills.

Partnerships Coordinator at Withington, Mrs Clara Edge, says: “Our Arts and Heritage programme unites creative activities with History and English skills, and we’re very much looking forward to getting started with the project after the Easter break.

“Miss Brown will work with the link teachers at St James and, drawing on the archives of both schools for inspiration, the project will allow pupils to develop practical artistic skills and talents, gain a deeper understanding of history, citizenship and their local community, a strengthened link to the place they call home and a new understanding of the different communities that have lived here over time,” concludes Mrs Edge.

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