Extracurricular Activities

Junior girls can choose from a wide range of extra-curricular activities which extend the already broad curriculum.

Clubs and Activities

Each lunchtime the girls are fully occupied. They can choose to join a large number of clubs including choir, orchestra, recorder, gymnastics, eco-warriors, dance, art, pottery, tennis, fencing, fitness, Yoga, drama and care of pets. Senior girls help with many of these activities and the Junior girls benefit enormously from the friendship and understanding that flourishes across the whole school.

High priority is also given to ensure that the girls have time just to play outside with their friends during breaks and to make full use of the Junior Playground.

Trips and Visits

Trips and visits bring the curriculum to life. They have included trips to animal sanctuaries, historic houses and even a local superstore. As the girls progress through the school, residential weekends, including outdoor pursuits, provide opportunity for further study, personal development and LOTS of fun.

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