An appreciation of mathematical relationships and a facility with using and interpreting mathematical language are essential tools in the world our girls will enter.

We provide a learning environment in which each girl can:

  • exercise and enjoy her growing range of mathematical skills
  • use appropriate language to express mathematical ideas and relationships
  • develop the mathematical understanding to apply known skills in new contexts
  • acquire the flexibility, independence and powers of reasoning to enable her to think abstractly and to select and use her skills effectively
  • apply mathematics to support her understanding of the transactions and decisions of everyday life.

Mathematics lessons provide opportunities for developing skills in other areas too:

  • social skills through working together and listening to others’ explanations;
  • communication skills as girls learn to express ideas accurately and unambiguously both orally and in their written work;
  • ICT skills as girls use spreadsheets to organise, manipulate and display numerical data

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