Junior School Music is taught by Senior School specialists who are real enthusiasts and the twice-weekly lessons are hugely enjoyed by the girls. Junior School Choir and Orchestra involve large numbers of girls rehearsing each week for concerts and other public performances. During class the girls study a wide range of music from different eras and cultures. They are encouraged to read and write music, compose and perform both as soloists and in small groups. The girls are also taught the ukulele in all year groups.

Some of the School’s best-loved music events include the Junior Christmas Concert and the Strawberry Serenade, both of which give our Juniors the chance to showcase their musical talents to a large audience and have fun in the process! All girls take an active part within the Christmas Concert through singing or ensemble work prepared in lessons or through the extracurricular activities offered during the school week.

There are also numerous opportunities for the girls to perform solos during the academic year  during the termly ‘Early Evening Recitals’. There are also numerous extra-curricular musical opportunities.

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