The Ad Lucem Fund

At Withington we are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for all our pupils. The Ad Lucem Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund) supports projects across the school which enhance and enrich the girls’ learning but that normally fall outside the reach of the annual school budget.

How You Can Help

We would not be able to offer these fantastic educational experiences to our pupils if it wasn’t for the generosity of our community of parents, alumnae, staff and supporters. Thank you to those who already donate regularly to the Ad Lucem Fund. Any donation – no matter the amount – can play a vital role in supporting our pupils and ensuring their Withington education remains challenging, enriching and rewarding.

You can make a one-off donation through our secure and safe online system. If you would like to make a regular donation please contact the Development Team at

Whether your gift is large or small, all your kind donations will have an immediate impact in providing the best possible educational experience for all our pupils. Here are some of the projects to which you might like to consider making a contribution.

Outdoor Health & Wellbeing Area

Living in an era where mental health issues are at the forefront of daily life, keeping fit is an ideal way of relieving stress and looking after both mental and physical wellbeing.  If you activate the body, you activate the mind!  Our vision is to create an outdoor fitness zone to support pupils and staff in leading healthy, happy lives, coming together to connect with the outdoors and each other in a positive way.  This facility will encourage an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through the girls’ school years and beyond. The great news is that it’s sustainable too with some of the equipment having the capability to generate electricity for the School.  Linking to a smartphone app you can see how much electricity you generate – keeping us lean and green!

A ‘smart energy’ spinning bike and cross trainer could be funded by just 12 people donating £10 a month with Gift Aid for four years.

New Drama Studio

Many alumnae and parents will remember the fantastic shows that Withington girls have presented over the years and the performing arts at Withington has never been stronger.  So much so, that we need to expand our facilities for drama and create a second Drama studio for the growing numbers of girls studying this subject both at GCSE and A-Level, and through our LAMDA programme.  Creation of this studio will provide further opportunities to develop, support and inspire girls in the dramatic arts and help develop their confidence and creativity alongside their technical and performance skills.

New sound and lighting equipment, essential for the drama studio, could be fully funded by 10 people donating £10 a month with Gift Aid for four years.

STEM Showcase Day

Withington is known nationally for the quality of its science teaching and for inspiring girls to pursue careers in STEM subjects where women are traditionally under-represented.  The Science Department would like to deliver a one-day event for pupils in Year 7 or 8.  The morning will consist of an interactive STEM workshop culminating in a practical engineering challenge. The afternoon will feature a ‘Science Magic Show’ to inspire curiosity, creativity and wonder. This will be followed by a Careers Convention where pupils will have the opportunity to talk to alumnae and others about their careers in science and engineering.

The day could be funded by just 2 people donating £10 a month with Gift Aid for four years.

Extending our Arts Facilities

We are proud to nurture our girls’ creative talents and support them in pursuing their own artistic ideas, passions and interests.  As well as offering this support in the arts curriculum, we are delighted that growing numbers of our girls are pursuing their artistic passions through the extra-curricular Art Award.  We now need to expand our Art facilities to accommodate these growing numbers and continue to support, develop and inspire our budding artists.

We can convert our dark room into digital photography studio with support from 9 people donating £10 a month with Gift Aid for four years.

Funding a Bursary, £12000

The Withington Girls’ School Bursary Fund is an integral function of the school and consolidates our vision and ethos to create a warm community, centred on equality and opportunity irrespective of race, religion, social background and financial constraints; to ensure that Withington retains its unique position as a true centre of excellence open to all.

We know from experience that bursary pupils bring unique qualities to Withington Girls’ School and help maintain the diversity which Withington has celebrated since its foundation in 1890.

We hope that any additional money raised for the Annual Fund will be directed towards our Bursary Fund. Currently, one-in-six pupils at Withington receive financial support through our means-tested bursary programme. We are dependent on raising funds to expand this scheme further to enable more bright girls from financially disadvantaged families to benefit from the opportunities of a Withington education.

As an example, current school fees are £12,000 per year, so to cover a full bursary we would need 81 donors to give £10.00 per month with Gift Aid for one year.

Learn more about how you can help to support us or please feel free to contact the Development Team at

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