Commemoration of Founders

The following is read each year on Founders’ Day by the Chair of the Governors:

It is fitting that on this formal commemoration of Founders’ Day we remember the name and example of Charles Prestwich Scott. Born in 1846, editor when 25 years old of the Manchester Guardian, he was in 1890 one of the Founders of Withington Girls’ School, retaining this office after he had resigned every other.

Loving truth, duty and the exercise of reason, Charles Prestwich Scott and his wife Rachel wished for the School, knowledge through difficulty rather than success through ease. In their company were to be found others, founders and benefactors who alike had pleasure in uprightness and who set their affection upon the foundation.

Of these are Adolphus William Ward, Principal of Owens College, Vice Chancellor of the University of Manchester, first Chairman of the Governors, wise in Humanity, eloquent in Literature; Henry Simon, first Treasurer, early Director of the School’s practical affairs, which interest Emily Simon, his wife, long continued. Out of her forethought and generosity , Mrs Simon gave to the School its playing fields and further endowed in the University of Manchester an Entrance Scholarship for Withington Girls. Caroline Herford, first Secretary, in whose home the decision to found the School was taken; Louisa Lejeune, the longest of the Foundation Governors to serve in office, uniting in her courageous personality those gifts of learning and virtue freely bestowed upon the School by all its Founders.

In the imagination of our thoughts keep we their name.

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