A Piano from PTA Funds

Over the years, funds raised by the PTA (and the very generous parents, pupils and friends who support their fundraising activities) have provided some superb equipment and resources that enhance teaching and learning at Withington. Costing more than £7,000, the most recent major purchase by the PTA is a magnificent concert-standard piano for the Junior School.

Placed in the Junior Hall, a wonderful open area overlooking the School playing fields, the piano is a Schimmel concert-standard instrument.


On a daily level, this rich-toned piano will make a huge difference to the quality of the accompaniment to the singing in Junior Assemblies. For Junior girls, the piano will enhance and facilitate their performance in musical recitals.

As always, the School is most grateful to the hours and effort the PTA Committee members put into fundraising for those extra luxuries that make such a difference to the life of the School.

The minibus out on DofE duties

The minibus out on DofE duties

The previous major PTA purchase, in 2014, was a second minibus and also the refurbishment of the existing one, both of which have made a massive difference to facilitating sports matches, DofE expeditions and day trips. In the same way, the new piano will open up a host of possibilities for Junior pupils.

In 2017, money raised allowed the PTA to share the cost of new lighting in the Arts Centre, help support the Wellbeing Area in the Hub and provide a UV Printer for the Art Department.

The Withington PTA donated £16,000 to the School in 2013 and detailed below are some of the major items purchased for the benefit of the girls:

Music Department

P-Bones – The Music Department expanded their brass section and to encourage younger participants 20 P-Bones were acquired which are plastic trombones that are much lighter in weight and so can be easily handled by younger children.

Mrs Gilly Sargent, Director of Music said: “ The Music Department has been most keen to expand the Brass Department this year and this has certainly been made possible thanks to the kind funding from Withington’s PTA. Over twenty girls will now be learning brass instruments, fifteen of whom will be learning on the bright red and green plastic trombones, otherwise known as ‘P-Bones’, bought by the PTA. The Music Department is most grateful to the PTA for this funding, it has opened up even more musical opportunities for the girls.”

Chemistry Department

Vacuum Pump – This much vacuum filtration system for the Chemistry Department enables preparation of organic compounds.

Dr Cristina Vilela, Head of Chemistry, in giving thanks to the Withington PTA said: “ This is an instrumental piece of equipment as it allows our Sixth Form chemists to perform real, live organic chemistry”


Junior School

Television, DVD and Bean Bags – The Junior School is enjoying its favourite DVDs being screened via a new television, sitting comfortably on their bean bags.

Other examples of PTA contributions to the enhancement of teaching and learning include £2,500 for a printing press for the Art Department and £4,000 towards new electronic messaging screens for the foyer and the Sixth Form Common Room. Another £3,500 represented a major contribution to the purchase of replacement of pianos.


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