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The School Policy is for pupils to study either three A Levels plus an alternative qualification such as an EPQ, or four A Level subjects. In addition, there is a programme of Enrichment lessons and activities and support sessions for university preparation built into the Sixth Form Curriculum.

Predicted A Level grades are based upon internal assessments and examinations as well as the professional judgement of our academic teaching staff.

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Lower Sixth [Year 12]

1 At the beginning of September, A Level subjects are checked to ensure that each pupil’s combinations are appropriate to her career aspirations.
 2 Form Tutors are asked to check that all girls in their Forms applying for vocational courses are undertaking the necessary voluntary work and preparation.
 3 All girls are kept fully informed regarding pre-university courses, presentations and Open Days. Pupils are encouraged to ‘get the feel’ of universities in their own time at weekends, half terms and holidays.
 4 In the Spring, all Lower Sixth girls attend the Manchester Higher Education Fair at Manchester Central.
 5 Throughout the Lower Sixth, the girls are encouraged to read university prospectuses and to explore university websites. Individual advice is available from experienced members of staff.
 6 Admissions tutors from various Universities across a range of disciplines give lunchtime talks.
 7  In June, each girl completes a sheet detailing her interests and achievements to help with the preparation of her UCAS form and reference.
8 Towards the end of June, a University Representative holds a lunchtime seminar on Personal Statements for Lower Sixth girls. There is also an evening seminar for the girls and their parents to provide information about University entrance and the issues involved.
 9 Before the end of the Summer Term, the girls register on the UCAS Apply website. They are strongly encouraged to prepare a draft Personal Statement before the start of the Autumn Term.

Upper Sixth [Year 13]

 1 Subject choices are checked to ensure that they are appropriate for proposed University courses.
 2 During the following weeks, Form Tutors, Heads of Department and UCAS referees will discuss with individual girls the suitability of proposed choices of course and university. During the completion of the on-line UCAS forms, Form Tutors and referees will check their accuracy and give help and advice as required.
 3 Girls are told their predicted grades and the policy is to anticipate problems and to take appropriate action at as early a stage as possible.
 4 The majority of UCAS forms are submitted by half term so that girls are able to benefit from early rounds of offers which may be made.
5 Various sources of help and advice on interviews, and copies of interview sheets filled in by past pupils, are available.
 6 When girls have received all their decisions from universities, individual advice is given to girls deciding on their firm and insurance acceptances.
7 On the day of publication of A Level results, and thereafter, members of staff are available in school to give help and advice to any girl who requires it.


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