All pupils study Geography for the first three years of the Senior School. The aims of the Department follow the guidelines of the national subject criteria including: understanding of geographical processes through the study of places and environments; examining the relationships between people and their environments, including the ideas of stewardship; examining management of resources and environments; developing sound values and attitudes related to geographical issues, including those related to global citizenship. Our most important aim is to show Geography as a very visual, exciting,  dynamic subject which is relevant for understanding the world we live in today.

Lessons are always full of a stimulating variety of techniques and information. Literacy, numerical and graphical skills are all essential to the study of Geography. The main content areas look at geographical change on a range of scales, use contemporary issues and examples, link past processes to the present, and encourage the acquisition of a broad range of skills useful in future life. A variety of modes of teaching and learning are used as well as different assessment methods. Pupils are encouraged to discuss issues and support their viewpoints with real examples. Exciting role play and decision-making activities develop pupils’ confidence and encourage them to be interested in what is happening in their world.

Key Stage 3

Work is based on the content and objectives of the National Curriculum with additional material to meet the needs of our most able pupils. Examples of topics studied include: Is Earth running out of natural resources? What is development? Can we ever know enough about earthquakes and volcanoes to live safely? These form a base for many current issues and topical case studies. We aim to make the subject exciting and relevant and girls are made aware of current environmental issues and developments which involve conflicting attitudes and opinions. Our lessons always involve a variety of techniques from simple statistical analysis through to photograph interpretation and careful report writing. Human Geography is constantly changing, and we ensure our material is well researched and up to date whilst in Physical Geography the dynamic processes are given special emphasis to help us understand our changing natural world.


An important emphasis is placed on fieldwork and the local environment is visited by each Year group to practise enquiry skills whilst Manchester city centre, Llandudno and the Derbyshire hills offer accessible locations for more in-depth work. We encourage pupils to extend their interest in Geography further up the School by going on fieldtrips further afield. In recent years, Sicily and Iceland have been our exciting destinations, both places where Physical and Human Geography come alive!

‘Geography is more than looking at a map and discovering capital cities of different countries. I like how Geography helps us investigate how societies and environments have developed. I think it helps me understand basic systems that could affect everyday life; it is also a subject that spreads awareness about what is happening in our life such as global warming and climate change’.

A Year 7 Pupil 

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