Key Stage 3

The Classics Department aims to introduce pupils to the world of the Romans through the study of the Latin language. We hope that girls will take pleasure in seeing how the English language works through an understanding of Latin grammar and in seeing how many of our own words, and those of French and Spanish, come from Latin. Through stories of everyday life in Pompeii and Roman Britain, and through an introduction to many famous myths, we hope to bring this world of 2000 years ago alive. We make use of interactive computer programs, videos and library books and girls are encouraged to produce creative work for display as well as completing more formal exercises. Latin is taught to all girls in Years 7, 8 and 9; an introduction to Classical Greek is also offered to all in Year 9 so that both subjects are options at GCSE. We use the Cambridge Latin Course, which has an attractive format and a steady progression of material. Both language and culture are integrated from the outset and pupils are expected to compare and contrast their lives today with daily life in the Ancient World. At A Level, in addition to Latin, we introduced Classical Civilisation as an option in September 2020, which allows the girls to explore the literature and culture of the Greeks and Romans without studying the language.

“I really like when we do the translations using pictures – it helps me to understand it better.”
A Year 7 pupil

“Latin combines literature, language and history, making it a varied subject.”
A Year 10 pupil

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips

We like to make as much use as possible of outings, theatre visits within Manchester, trips to Oxford, Chester, Wroxeter and London for plays, exhibitions and museum collections. Before COVID, we enjoyed regular trips to Greece and Italy and hope this will be possible again in the future. We have also had activities in a Classics Club for younger pupils, while GCSE pupils have played Latin Scrabble against other local schools. We have also taken part in the Latin and Greek Reading Competition organised by the Classical Association of Manchester. Our Sixth formers have also maintained links teaching Latin to Year 5 children at Mauldeth Road Primary School, even online over the past year.

“Latin combines all aspects of learning such as thinking logically and analytically and problem solving skills.”
A Year 10 pupil

“Greek is just so much fun! It really helps with derivations and it is really interesting using a different alphabet.”
A Year 10 pupil

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