Key Stage 3

All girls study English throughout at least the first five years of their education in the Senior School. Each girl has four or five periods of English per week in Years 7 to 10 and six periods of English in Year 11, leading to GCSEs in English Language and English Literature. In the first three years, the emphasis is placed on learning to enjoy the subject as well as building on the skills learnt at Key Stage 2. The programme is varied and includes a variety of reading, writing and speaking and listening activities. Language and literature are taught in an integrated course which includes drama and grammar. Girls are encouraged to make use of the School Library and to read widely from a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Oral skills are fostered by participation in debates, discussions and prepared talks.

In Year 7 students will be introduced to the works of Shakespeare and will read Back Home by Michelle Magorian. They will study the play of Frankenstein and a range of poetry. English Language work will focus on writing for different purposes and audiences and on creative writing as well as looking at grammar and vocabulary.

“English is really fun and all the activities we do are enjoyable. The teacher makes it fun too!”
A Year 7 pupil

Extra-Curricular Activities

A great deal of English activity takes place outside the classroom. Debating Society has a lively programme of weekly debates, discussions and guest speakers. Girls take part in Public Speaking competitions in which there have been many successes in recent years. There are regular theatre trips to both local theatres and those in other parts of the country such as Stratford and London, and visiting theatre companies into School. This year has seen the introduction of a Harry Potter club for Years 7 to 9, hosted in the Room of Requirement, for which there are two trips planned – the Forbidden Forest and Harry Potter Studios. There is also a Book Club open all Key Stage 3 pupils and visits by authors to School.

“English is one of my most enjoyable subject as I love to write diary entries, persuasive writing and informal writing and we all love to express our feelings.”
A Year 7 pupil

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