Careers Convention 2021

Welcome to our online 2021 Careers Convention.

Each Thursday we will be releasing new videos featuring contributors from a wide range of different sectors and professions. Our fantastic contributors will be talking about different aspects of their career and how they have progressed to where they are today, as well as sharing their experiences to help you if you are interested in forging a career in that field.

This will culminate with our live, online event on Thursday 4th March where contributors will be available to answer your questions through live participation in different forums. More details of this will be announced nearer the time.

Contributors have sent us their own videos or have been interviewed by Mrs Cottam, Head of Careers Services, or Ms Knipe, Mrs Drury and Mrs Dowdall from the Development Team.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given up their time to support the Careers Convention – alumnae, parents, friends of the school and friends of friends who have been happy to get involved.

Please do take the time to browse through the videos as they are posted each week.

You might want to consider these points as you watch the videos.

Creative Industries

Music, Arts & Entertainment

Science, Technology & the Built Environment

Medicine & Healthcare

Dentistry and Optometry

Veterinary Surgery

Business, HR & Recruitment, Finance

Legal, Public Sector, Charity, Sport

Communication, Marketing & Retail

There are two more talks from Withington alumnae that may help you. These talks were recorded at live events during the Autumn term.

Networking & why we should do it – Helen Mountney

Making the most of your skills & experience – Diana Breeze


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