School uniform must be worn by all pupils in the Junior School. All clothing which may be removed for lessons such as PE must be clearly marked with the owner’s name on a sewn-in name tape. All other equipment must be clearly marked too.

School uniform is stocked ONLY at Monkhouse Sports, The Precinct, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire. Please make it clear at Monkhouses that your daughter needs Withington Girls’ School Junior uniform.

Please do not purchase school clothing from other suppliers. It is both embarrassing and expensive to have to ask parents to replace non-uniform clothing. We constantly review quality and price to ensure that uniform is practical, hard-wearing and as inexpensive as is reasonably possible. Thank you for your co-operation.

There is a good supply of used ‘good as new’ uniform kept in school. Uniform sales are run by the parents from the PTA Committee. ‘Emergency’ items can be obtained at other times from the School Office.

A more detailed uniform list is available for parents in the Parents Section of the website.

Mobile Phones

Phones are discouraged but we realise they sometimes help with travel arrangements. They must be clearly named and turned off at all times during the school day. It must be understood that school cannot take any responsibility for the loss of mobile phones.

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