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    Working at Westminster

    2008 leaver Jen McPherson, currently taking a gap year and intending to embark on a politics degree next year, recently completed a three-month stint of work experience for her local MP, Mike Hall. 

    On her final day, Jack Straw visited …

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    North Schools Lacrosse Tournament

    Reported by WGS parent, Howard Sinclair

    Wednesday 12th November was a perfect autumn day for the North Schools Lacrosse Tournament. The blue sky was crossed with vapour trails and golden leaves floated in the air as I drove up the …

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    Anti-bullying week

    Anti-bullying week 2008

    LVIR under the guidance of Mrs Robinson raised money for Kidscape during National Anti-bullying week. The theme for this year’s week was ‘Being different, belonging together’.


    To symbolise visually that everyone within our school community is different …

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    When the number of entrants from Withington exceeded the number that could be accommodated at any of the Race for Life events held in Manchester earlier in the year, Ms Maher and Mrs Pickering decided to stage our own event, …

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