The Annual Fund

At Withington we are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for all our pupils. The Enhancing Opportunities Annual Fund aims to raise money for extra educational experiences and items of equipment outside of the curriculum as identified by pupils and staff.

The money raised, through generous donations from parents and alumnae, contributes to providing the best learning experiences for all our pupils. Thank you very much to all our regular donors who kindly contribute to the Annual Fund and make these opportunities possible. We are delighted to announce the following exciting projects that will be supported by the Annual Fund in the 2017-18 school year.

Greek Theatre Workshop: £1700

The Classics Department requested funding for a Greek theatre workshop for different groups of pupils. The plays of the ancient world often examine moral dilemmas, and many of their political issues still affect our world today. Through these workshops, the Classics Department hopes to highlight why this might be the case and how the themes and ideas expressed are still of relevance today.

About the Project

The workshop will be delivered by the Actors of Dionysus, recognised as one of the leading companies performing ancient Greek plays. They will deliver three different sessions throughout one day at Withington. Rather than simply watching a play, the girls will listen and learn from a classicist and take part in ensemble work directed by the actors.

One session will be for the whole of Year 9, where the 70 pupils will learn about the conventions of the ancient theatre and understand the role of the chorus through performing a section from a play. The company will also deliver a session with the GCSE Greek pupils and one with A-Level Drama and Greek pupils.

The workshops will provide invaluable opportunities for team work, leadership and creativity for the girls.

Equipment for Our New Mind and Body Studio, £3300

Our fantastic new sports facilities means we are able to encourage more girls to be active in different ways, particularly those who don’t like the traditional team sports. Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and mental wellbeing, enhancing learning and building character. Dancing and other forms of non-competitive exercise, such as aerobics, are popular with many girls at Withington.

About the Project

Our ‘Mind and Body Studio’, located in our new Sports Centre, requires funding to provide a screen, projector and sound equipment to enable the girls to use this space to its full potential for dancing and other fitness activities. This new equipment will allow pupils to play dance music and copy exercise moves from videos.

Older girls will be encouraged to run extra-curricular clubs from this space and the equipment will also be used for activities such as yoga, Zumba, aerobics and martial arts.

Funding a Bursary, £12000

The Withington Girls’ School Bursary Fund is an integral function of the school and consolidates our vision and ethos to create a warm community, centred on equality and opportunity irrespective of race, religion, social background and financial constraints; to ensure that Withington retains its unique position as a true centre of excellence open to all.

We know from experience that bursary pupils bring unique qualities to Withington Girls’ School and help maintain the diversity which Withington has celebrated since its foundation in 1890.

About the Project

We hope that any additional money raised for the Annual Fund in 2017-18 will be directed towards our Bursary Fund. Currently, one-in-six pupils at Withington receive financial support through our means-tested bursary programme. We are dependent on raising funds to expand this scheme further to enable more bright girls from financially disadvantaged families to benefit from the opportunities of a Withington education.

As an example, current school fees are £12,000 per year, so to cover a full bursary we would need 81 donors to give £10.00 per month (plus Gift Aid) for one year.

How You Can Help

We would not be able to offer these fantastic educational experiences to our pupils if it wasn’t for the generosity of our community of parents, alumnae, staff and supporters. Any donation – no matter the amount – can play a vital role in supporting our pupils and ensuring their Withington education remains challenging, enriching and rewarding.

If you would like to know more about how you can help to support us, click here. Alternatively, you can click the button below to donate through our secure and safe online system.


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