ESU Mace Schools Debating Competition

We were delighted to host Round One of the ESU Mace Schools Debating competition at Withington this week. Six schools took part in three separate debates, each chaired by WGS Year 12 pupils Imaan and Safa, who introduced and concluded the evening as well as keeping everything running smoothly. The standard of the debates was incredibly high with some very challenging questions being posed from members of the audience.

Withington debated: ‘This house would limit each person to one return flight per year’ vs Urmston Grammar and our team (Year 12 students Deia, Tanya and Emma) did extremely well in a passionately fought debate. The competition was so tight that both schools were selected to go through to the next round.

Well-thought-out and strong arguments were also heard on the topic ‘This house would make voting compulsory’ between St Ambrose College and Altrincham Grammar School for Boys and ‘This house would abolish trial by jury’ argued between St Anne’s RC High School and Manchester High School for Girls, who will also progress to the next round.

Chairpersons for the event, Imaan and Safa, were praised by teachers from the attending schools for their level of professionalism and calm direction. Well done all!