Sport for the Mind

LEGO League Competition

Withington wins the Core Values Trophy for the third consecutive year

The WGS Lego League Team travelled to Daresbury Laboratory to compete in the First Lego League Competition. After a full day of competition, which included a presentation to a panel of scientists and ‘Robot Games’, the team emerged runners-up in the robot challenge and, for the third time in a row, in first place for ‘Core Values’.

Year 10 pupil Victoria W tells us about the day: We left school early on the morning of 6th December. When we arrived at Daresbury Laboratory we were shown to our ‘pit station’, where we would spend the day improving our robot’s programming and preparing for the various tasks throughout the day. Here, we set up our LEGO modules and continued working on our presentation board which detailed our solutions to the struggles of space farming. Our presentation was about the challenges of growing food in space and we offered solutions of how edible plants might be cultivated ‘off-Earth’ in a sustainable way.

We continued with our work and competed in Robot Design, Core Values and Project Presentation before lunch. During our lunch break, we visited the inflatable planetarium they had set up for us and marvelled at the constellations. Afterwards we took part in the Robot Games, where our robot had to complete a series of tasks and, in this event, we finished second. At the end of the day we were pleased to hear that we were close runners up for the overall trophy, and were awarded the Core Values Cup for our excellent teamwork and communication. This competition broadened our knowledge of programming, engineering, and space sciences, and was an enjoyable experience.