Annual Open Reunion 2018

The Development Office is delighted to invite you the Annual Open Reunion, on Saturday 9th June 2018, from 11am-4pm. The Open Reunion is a fantastic opportunity for you to come back to Withington, catch up with your classmates and former teachers and have a look around your old school. At this year’s event you will also have the chance to tour our brand-new Sports Centre and learn more about the launch of the digital WGS newsletter archive.

Tickets are £10 (£5 for retired former staff and under 25s). The price of your ticket will include the light refreshments provided throughout the day, a buffet lunch and a glass of bubbly.

Book your tickets online or contact the Development Office by emailing or calling 0161 249 3494.

Special Anniversary Years

In 2018, the following year groups will celebrate milestone anniversaries:

Class of 1958: 60 Year Anniversary
Class of 1968: 50 Year Anniversary
Class of 1978: 40 Year Anniversary
Class of 1993: 25 Year Anniversary
Class of 1998: 20 Year Anniversary
Class of 2008: 10 Year Anniversary

If you belong to one of these year groups and would like to organise a special get-together on the day of the Open Reunion, please let us know. We are happy to help you to coordinate your year and reach out to everyone who might wish to return to school to celebrate. We’ve already had interest in special anniversary reunions from the classes of 1968, 1978 and 1998, so the day looks set to have a fantastic atmosphere!

List of Registered Attendees:

(Updated 4th June 2018)

Patricia Richards (1949)
Margaret Whiston (1952)
Beryl Greenhalgh (1952)
Mavis Williams (1954)
Rosemary Purdy (1954)
Jean Davison (1955)
Valerie Winstanley (1956)
Janice Todd (1956)
Hilary Morris (1961)
Debbie Robinson (Guest of Hilary Morris)
Monica Burton (1964)
Margaret Davy (1967 & Former Staff)
Anne Hulme (1968)
Sharon Freedman (1968)
Joy Poloway (1968)
Wendy McDonald (1968)
Jill Tunnicliffe (1968)
Jean Lowe (1968)
Victoria Lowe (1970)
Uschi Lightfoot (1973)
Amanda Belshaw (1974)
Gill Spark (1975)
Diane Hutton (1975)
Sandra Cohen (1976)
Alison Morgan (1977)
Kate Cook (1978)
Manda Durant (1978)
Fiona Belshaw (1978)
Janet Muir (1978)
Pauline East (1978)
Kathryn Hardy (1978)
Gillian Petch (1978)
Jane Mamelok (1978)
Georgina Shaw (1978)
Sonia Sondhelm (1978)
Felicity Gregson (1978)
Hilary Davies (1978)
Anne Kirkham (1980)
Susanna Thornton (1986)
David Thornton (Guest of Susanna Thornton)
Lynne Vickers (1986)
Pamela Vickers (Guest of Lynne Vickers)
Rachel Pickering (1987)
Catherine Pickering (1993)
Sally Whitehead (1998)
Rosalind Cowie (1998)
Rosalind Bowen (1998)
Kavitha Kishen (1998)
Deborah Sylvester (1998)
Suzi Wiseberg (2001)
Ailsa Longmuir (2001)
Catherine Dixon (2001)
Sam Lowe (Guest of Catherine Dixon)
Sana Gill (2008)
Roya Behrouzi (2008)
Ellen Powell (2012)
Sue Marks (Former Head)
Janet Pickering (Former Head)
Miss M Hulme (Former Head)
Ann Easton (Former Staff)
Judith Willson (Former Staff)
Gillian Smith (Former Staff)
Ann Easton (Former Staff)
Angela Adshead (Former Staff)
Mary Perry (Former Staff)
Joan Royle (Former Staff)
Ruth Neal (Former Staff)

Don’t see your name on the list? If you think you’ve registered, but you don’t appear on the list, please get in touch with a member of the Development Team on 0161 249 3494 or

Don’t see your friend’s name on the list? Why not encourage your classmates to sign-up for a day of nostalgia and celebration!