Harvest Time … and Even Healthier Food

Senior School Harvest Festival

As in previous years, our Harvest gifts were donated to the Booth Centre who support homeless people in Manchester.

William Godfrey from the Booth Centre came along to accept our gifts, which go directly to the people who use the Centre, and spoke to the girls about the work of the Booth Centre. The Harvest gifts donated by Withington families will go to supporting the 250 homeless people who use the centre each week.

Outdoor Club

It’s harvest time for our Junior Outdoor Club too!  Led by Mrs Howling, Outdoor Club is the Junior branch of the Senior Eco group.

Two weeks ago, they cut their lettuce crop, which was served via our brand new salad servery in the School Dining Room at lunch time.

Today, Outdoor Club dug up the potatoes planted by the previous Year 6. It was not a huge crop but enough for the girls to take a few home for their families.


New Healthier Options for Break and Lunch

In response to pupil and parent feedback, new menu choices – already proving to be a favourite with pupils – have been added this year. A new salad servery was installed during the summer break and each lunchtime it is packed with food items such as colourful salads, hummus and guacamole all ready to be piled into freshly baked bread, pitta or wraps.

The new salad servery

Other changes include:


  • New healthy break items, freshly baked in our own kitchen, such as flapjack, gingerbread and cranberry loaf in addition to the ever-popular bagels, toast and fruit.
  • We have changed the serving system so that bagels and toast can be served even faster than before!
  • Healthy option crisps have been introduced, such as lentil and quinoa
  • Soft drinks are fruit and water based and hot drinks are also available


  • Bread, pittas and wraps with an array of healthy fillings, as above.
  • Baked potatoes available every day.
  • Hot sandwiches available once a week such as English cheddar and cherry tomato
  • Three delicious hot lunch choices cooked fresh on the premises every day such as lasagne, pizza (currently being served with less cheese as requested by pupils!), chilli and curry.
  • Home-made soup and bread every day – with flavours suggested by pupils

Food for Life

Catering at Withington is considered essential to the health and wellbeing of our community, a key factor in pupils’ ability to enjoy and engage in their day. We are committed to achieving the Food for Life Bronze Standard to reflect the very high quality and nutritional benefits of the food served here at Withington. All our menu changes are in line with Food for Life nutritional and environmental principles, ensuring high quality, healthy options are available for all.