Juniors’ Collaborative History Lessons

On Friday 21st January all Withington Juniors took part in a multi-age History lesson! Each form prepared by learning about houses in the timeframe they are studying. Transition learned about houses in Roman times. Form I researched about the differences between how the rich and poor lived in Ancient Egyptian times. Lower II loved learning about the Tudors and how houses were built 500 years ago. Finally, Upper II created beautiful pieces of work about Victorian houses.

JS-House-History (17)

On Friday morning the girls were all split up and each took what they had learned to another classroom in the Junior School. They then each took a turn being the teacher and taught the other girls all their interesting facts! After being the experts on the topics, the girls then worked collaboratively to create a timeline. This helped them to understand where their topics fit within the bigger picture of history.

JS-House-History (2)

The girls found it fun and interesting to learn from each other and some beautiful pieces of work were produced! Keep your eyes peeled for a new display in Mrs Williams’ Classroom!

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JS-House-History (14)

JS-House-History (9)

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