Junior Trip to Condover Hall

Lower and Upper II girls report on their trip to Condover Hall (three reports)

Our trip to Condover Hall On the 4th, 5th and 6th of June Lower II and Upper II went on a residential trip and had a blast! Lower II and Upper II were very lucky to receive a break from all the challenging school work. The room was bursting with energy as we were told that it was time to depart to Condover Hall.

The coach journey was filled with giggles and laughter as we set off for the most amazing three days of the year. When we got to Condover hall we were greeted by grey skies but we put that all aside for we were finally there!

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Next up was our yummy packed lunches filled with many treats from home. After everyone had finished we were told who we would share a dorm with and our activity group. In the dormitories we unpacked before our first activities. We all had the same activities in each form, but at different times.

We only had one activity that day but the rest of the time was to un-pack and have fun in our rooms. We were all making new friends and memories. That night we had dinner in the canteen and had some sweets.

That night we played a quiz game with our teams. After that we had some more dorm time and went to bed after freshening up. That morning it was straight into our activities after a yummy breakfast! We did two activities before lunch and two after lunch so it was quite a packed day!

That night after a mouth melting dinner we played a wide variety of games, where we had to both work as a team to succeed and battle against each other. That same night we had some treats and went to sleep the same as the previous day.

The next day was our final day but within the three days at Condover hall we had a fun-filled, action packed three days together. We knew the final day would be the saddest day for all of us!

The coach journey home was just as much fun as the way there but we all went home thinking of our fun time at Condover Hall.

By Aleena K and Annie W Lower II


Our trip to Condover Hall From Wednesday 4th June – Friday 6th June Lower II and Upper II went on an incredible trip to Condover Hall in Shrewsbury.

Our trip was an extraordinary experience. We all took part in a wide range of challenging, yet exciting activities. Some of them included rock climbing, swimming, ‘Conquest’, laser maze, tunnelling and many more! What where these activities? Tunnelling included exploring a network of cavernous tunnels some big some small. Laser maze included a series of invisible lasers that could only be seen in UV light. Our job was to be James Bond for the activity and deftly slide through the maze without touching the lasers. Conquest included playing laser tag in a large blown up maze in our teams. The instructors were friendly, fun and helpful and made our trip memorable. The food was delicious and our accommodations were very comfortable and we just had the time of our lives!

A big thank you to all of our teachers for taking us there.

By Aanya K and Imaan S Upper II

Our visit to Condover Hall

On Wednesday 4th June – Friday 6th June, Upper II and Lower II went away to Condover Hall. The trip was described as a ‘phenomenal experience’ by some of the girls from both Forms. We took part in a variety of activities including: Conquest, Laser Maze, Tunnelling, Survival, Camp fire and Busted! Conquest was the ultimate game of laser quest with a difference as the game took place in an inflatable maze in utter darkness…… the only light which could be seen was the light emitting from your guns. Tunnelling was an endless underground tunnel maze. The only equipment you possessed was helmet and a flashlight. We had to manoeuvre ourselves to fit through constricted spaces and find our way to the hidden balls. It was tiring and exciting and put Upper II’s memory to the test to remember the way back! Campfire was one of Upper II’s evening activities and it involved delicious melted marshmallows, great songs and a variety of fantastic accents from Geordie to Indian! Those were only a few of the unique activities that we completed. There were so many amazing things and we were all grateful for being able to go on this fabulous trip and for the teachers company. We thoroughly enjoyed it as many of these activities were things we had never done before. We all hope to go on another trip as excellent as this! By Lakshmi S and Safa S Upper II