Sunshine Weekend at Abernant

Lower and Upper II spent the weekend of 7-9th June at Abernant Lake. In contrast to the past two years, this time they were blessed with blue skies and sunshine! The girls were accompanied by Mrs Burrows, Miss Gardner, Miss Richards and Withington alumnae Sarah Mercer and Amber Wilson.

Report by Upper II pupils Maya and Freya

On the 7th June 2013, Upper II and Lower II departed from school on a 4 hour journey to Wales. When we arrived, we settled down in our rooms and got changed for the first of our many activities. These included Rifles, Puzzle Games and Survival Skills for the Upper IIs and Obstacle Course, Archery and Kayaking/Canoeing for the Lower IIs.

Abernant Lake Weekend

Our favourite activity was Raft Building, as we learnt to work collaboratively in a team whilst having fun, and getting very, very, very wet!

At the end of the second night, we had a campfire where we all sat around the flames and sang songs, told stories and shared riddles. Let’s not forget to mention drinking hot chocolate and melting marshmallows.

Abernant Lake Weekend

Unlike last year’s visit, we were fortunate enough to have amazing weather. This meant lots of sun cream, shorts and mosquitoes. The food was delicious and fuelled us for our activities.

To finish our fantastic experience, we went on a 5 mile walk through the village and Welsh countryside. After 3 hours of trekking, we were exhausted and hot, but we all enjoyed it very much. We cannot thank Abernant Lake enough for all the fun we had there, and to Mrs Burrows, Miss Richards, Miss Gardner, Miss Mercer and Miss Wilson for coming with us.