Menus for the Summer Term

Menus for the Summer Term are now available.

As usual, four hot meal choices – two ‘classic' (with meat) and two ‘green' (meat-free) are on offer. Also available is the daily ‘Market Table' laid out at the centre of the Dining Room with a variety of colourful fresh salads, sliced fruit and freshly baked bread. Soup and a range of cooked vegetables are on the menu every day. Puddings include homemade yoghurts, individual mousses with a range of fresh toppings, cakes and pastries all freshly made each day. The menu rotates on a fortnightly basis.

The Speedy Bar offers a variety of healthy 'grab and go' lunch options for girls with lunch time activities. There are jacket potatoes or pasta; bowl salads; cut fruit; homemade soups; breads and yoghurts.

The Sixth Form Bistro offers a selection from the main menu, a comprehensive salad bar, a variety of filled breads, jacket potatoes, soup, pasta, fresh fruit, puddings and homemade bread and yoghurts.

Posted 6th April 2013