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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


The DofE programme for the Spring Term got underway with the Bronze walk from Marple to Hayfield taking place on 3rd March. The weather was excellent providing lovely views of the residual snow on the top of Kinder Scout.


Most participants finished dry and only slightly muddy, though a member of the group Panic! In the Countryside managed to lose shoes in a bog! Route lengths and start times were all different so this was not a race between groups, but Made in Tents was the first to finish. Well done to all for completing the walk in good spirits.


…and Silver

We enjoyed a window of fine, though cold, weather in the Peak District on 16th March as 33 of our Silver DofE participants completed their first practice walk. All the girls worked hard to improve their confidence in map and compass navigation and prepare for the expeditions to come.


This was not a race but the first groups to the end, The Hairy Hikers and Toast, deserve special mention. We were grateful for the help given by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of parents, who mostly managed to keep their groups on track.


Many thanks to Mr Snowden, Mrs and Mr Cross and Mr Lindsay-Dunn for their invaluable support.

Mrs Ruth Lindsay-Dunn, DofE Coordinator