Alumnae catch-up with Former Head

Members of the Committee with Mrs PickeringOn the afternoon of Monday 29th November, members of the Withington Onwards committee caught up with former Headmistress Mrs Janet Pickering at Dunham Massey.

During the afternoon, the committee were delighted to present Mrs Pickering with a gift of a gold necklace and pendant, bought with contributions from Alumnae and Former Staff.  The necklace (pictured) was a bespoke piece of jewelry, designed in the shape of thMrs Pickering wearing her necklace from Alumnaee school badge, with a sun and a moon hanging below to represent Ad Lucem, or ‘towards the light’.

Alumnae will recall that, at the 120th Anniversary in June, Mrs Pickering was given the first of her gifts from Alumnae, of a Persian Rug, or ‘magic carpet’, to whisk her into her retirement, along with a special handmade book documenting the history of school and her time as Headmistress.

Despite her retirement Mrs Pickering’s committment to Withington remains, and later this month she will join members of the UVI on their trip to the Gambia.