Founders’ Day musical preview on Radio 4

On Friday 8th October BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme recorded the Senior Choir rehearsing for Founders' Day. This year the choir will be singing Your Life (Go Tell Someone You Love Them) composed by former Withington pupil, Sasha Johnson Manning. Ms Johnson Manning has also recently joined the School's Governing Body.


BBC Recording



Pictured is Sasha Johnson Manning and WGS Director of Music, Mrs Gilly Sargent, rehearsing with the girls while BBC producer Carmel Lonergan records in the left hand foreground.


The choir's rendition in The Bridgewater Hall on Founders' Day 2010 – which was the 120th since the foundation of Withington Girls' School – was very loudly applauded by the congregation of pupils, parents, alumnae, staff and friends.


Founders' Day