Transition Journeys

Magic Carpet

In Transition, we stepped on to our magic carpet and wrote about an exciting journey we ventured on. As a class we travelled to the Eiffel Tower and crossed the English Channel on our way. It was very chilly!

Back on earth, Transition went on a walk into Withington Village to discover the services available to the local people living there and nearby. In Geography, Transition are learning about different types of settlements and how they vary in size and features.

Transition Geography

Transition found that Withington offered many services, such as a post office, bank, library, butchers, bakers and many more. We came across some work being carried out on the gas pipes underneath the pavement that was organised by the local council.

Transition Geography Walk

There was also a park available for children, dog walkers and joggers. We observed that Withington was missing a doctor's surgery, petrol station and dentist. Maybe they weren't on the route we took!

Transition Geography Walk