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    Wonderful Withington Christmas 2019

    A new Withington tradition was born this December with the inaugural Manchester Sings event, initiated by Withington’s Director of Music, Mrs Gillian Sargent. Inspirational, moving and just a spectacle to behold, nearly 250 children gave an unforgettable performance at Manchester …

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    Wonderful Withington Christmas

    Christmas 2018 blog: We will be adding to this page as events unfold. With the arrival of December this year, Withington began preparations for all things festive in the build up to the end of term’s Christmas celebrations. Once the …

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    A wonderful Withington Christmas!

    Withington musicians were out in force for the Senior School Concert which took place in the Arts Centre on 12th December. Featuring choirs, orchestras, ensembles and bands performing a total of 23 pieces between them, it was an upbeat event …

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    Senior Citizens’ Christmas Concert 2017

    The Withington Senior Citizens’ Christmas Concert is a long-standing tradition in which pupils and staff create a concert and party tea for our Senior Citizen friends and neighbours. There was a big fundraising drive by the Sixth Form House Committee …

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