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The bursary scheme at Withington is vital in providing young, bright girls with the opportunity of accessing an exceptional education. For me, receiving a bursary has meant that the same 3-year-old, passionate and bright girl has been given a chance to flourish as a student but, more importantly as a human being, in an environment which supports and encourages all kinds of dreams, helping us to convert them into our reality.

Bursary Ambassador

It’s not a cliché to say your support can be life changing.

You can give talented girls from disadvantaged families the education they deserve through a Withington bursary. You can provide an outstanding educational experience for all our pupils. And you can inspire the next generation with advice and support as they plan to make their own mark on the world.

By making a one-off contribution or becoming a regular donor, you will give girls like ‘Kim’ – who is waiting to take up her place at Withington – the opportunity to shine.

Currently, we invest over £900,000 per annum in bursaries and support one in six Senior School places.

Now we’re aiming to increase that to one in five. You can give even more girls the gift of a Withington education.

Or by volunteering your time, you can provide powerful inspiration and career insights to give girls following in your footsteps the confidence and experience as they plan for their future.

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