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Withington Girls’ School places the highest importance on the use and application of Information and Communications Technology in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. We fully recognise that, in today’s world, methods of accessing and communicating information are entirely different from the pre-computer and pre-internet age and it is our aim that the use of ICT should not only enhance and enrich teaching and learning, but that its use should be a completely natural part of the process. To this end, all pupils within the Sixth Form bring a portable device to school just as they would their pencil case.

The School runs a Windows Server based network and high speed wireless access points enable site wide Wi-Fi access for portable devices.

There are four dedicated computer suites: Computer Rooms 1 and 2, the Library Resource Centre and the Junior School Resource Centre. There are additional computers within departments and pupils may access the network from home through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which further enriches the pupils’ learning experience.

All classrooms have a teacher PC and a ceiling-mounted digital projector. Interactive Whiteboard technology, visualisers and data logging devices are available in a number of departments.

The Modern Languages Department has a Sanako Digital Language Lab for a full class, the Music Department has 2 suites running Sibelius, the Design Technology Department has a suite of computers for CAD/CAM work and the Chemistry Department has a suite of computers to support independent study.

The School uses a variety of networked software including Microsoft Office 2016 and Adobe Design Suite, as well as a large variety of specialist-subject software such as Autograph, Cambridge Latin Course, WinEcon and e-Science.

All staff and pupils have a school email address (Office 365), which can be accessed from anywhere, as can their documents and various subject-based resources. Microsoft Office is available to all staff and pupils, free of charge, under the school’s licence.

Withington uses the Schoolbase Information Management System for pupil records, attendance, reporting to parents, assessment tracking, timetabling and examinations.



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