Six for Sixth

Starting Sixth Form can feel like a big step up. It’s a different experience to Senior School, with more freedom, more choice and more opportunities, but to start with you might feel there is a lot to get your head around. 

So, here are our top tips to help you get off to a really good start! 

1. Do what works for you 

Your experience throughout Sixth Form will be unique to you, as you delve deeper into subjects you are passionate about and explore new areas of interest.  

Achieving well should not come at the expense of your wellbeing. Make self-care a priority. Maintaining a healthy study-life balance will enhance your overall performance and happiness. As will getting enough sleep! 

Everyone is on their own path and success will look different for each student. Being realistic and honest with yourself about what you hope for from Sixth Form and beyond will help you to stay focused and motivated. 

2. Get organised early  

In Sixth Form you will be treated more like an adult. You will need to manage your own time. You’ll have more autonomy but more responsibility for yourself and for your studies, so start as you mean to go on.  

Think about how best to organise yourself. Whether you use a planner or digital tools, map out your commitments, allocate study hours, time for your other activities and time for yourself. There is a digital calendar associated with your WGS online account so, if digital works for you, make the most of it!  

3. Consolidate work from the start

Wider reading and consolidation of subject material make a huge difference in the Sixth Form. It is this ongoing consolidation and revision, especially of those areas you find most difficult, that will truly pay off in the long run. Conduct some honest self-assessment and think about what areas you need to work on. Seek advice from your subject tutors about the best resources for doing so. 

4. Make the most of free periods

Sixth Form will probably be the first time you’ve had free periods during the school day. Make the most of them! Interacting with people you may not know is part of starting Sixth Form and it’s when new friendships are being made. So, devote some time to building relationships.  

Having said that, whilst there’s nothing wrong with spending some of your time hanging out in the common room, here are some other great ways to use your free periods: 

  • Find a space, such as the Library, for some quiet, focused study time 
  • Get ahead with homework or required reading 
  • Team up with a friend to study together or test one another 
  • Visit the careers guidance service or research universities 
  • Make an appointment to see one of your tutors if you need a little extra help or advice with your work 
  • Discover the ‘do not disturb’ mode on your mobile phone… 

5. Stay open-minded

Sixth Form is a time of discovery. During your Sixth Form years, you might find an unexpected passion for a subject, discover a hobby you love, take up a cause you’re passionate about, or become close friends with people you never spent much time with before. 

Keep your mind open and allow experiences to happen. Expect the unexpected and embrace change and surprise. You never know what you might learn about yourself if you do.

6. Have fun and make memories!

Sixth Form will go by in a flash and we hope that, in years to come, you will look back fondly at this incredible point of your life, at the large number of close friends you made, the good relationships you established with your tutors and how you made the most out of the amazing opportunities you had. Remember to pause, look around, and enjoy it. Make friends, make memories, and have fun.

Good luck! We know you’ll shine ✨

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