Dentistry & Optometry


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Jo Ingleby – Dentist

Jo is a general dental practitioner working in Manchester. During her career she has worked in community and hospital sectors with patients who require specific medical and behavioural care.


Nicole Rothburn – Dentist

Having left Withington in 2014, Nicole studied Dentistry with a Preliminary Year at Cardiff University and graduated in May 2020. She now works as a Foundation Dentist in London (vocational training) to obtain her NHS number and plans to apply for hospital positions, as well as working in general practice as a dentist. The things she enjoys most about dentistry are building a positive and trustworthy relationship with patients and carrying out surgical and restorative treatments, such as fillings, crowns and veneers.

Janine Rothburn – Aesthetic Doctor & Dental Surgeon

Janine (Class of 2012) studied Biology, Chemistry and Politics A Levels and subsequently qualified as a Dental Surgeon at the University of Bristol. She began her journey in Aesthetic Medicine whilst working in hospital as a Dental Core Trainee in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Janine believes that Aesthetic Medicine works in perfect harmony with that of Dentistry. Manual dexterity, artistry and anatomical knowledge are key aspects of dentistry, each of which a Dental Surgeon takes pride in; these, in turn, are central to the Aesthetic Medicine. Janine currently works as a Clinical Mentor and Education Fellow at Harley Academy, teaching doctors, dentists and nurses who are at the beginning of their Aesthetic Medicine careers. She also works as Specialty Doctor in Oral Medicine at the Royal London Hospital, carrying out biopsies of orofacial structures, as well as teaching dental students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, the skills required for oral biopsy procedures.

Louise Marshall – Optometrist

I am a qualified Optometrist and member of the College of Optometrists. I qualified in 1998 and have been working at an independent practice for the past 20 years, performing eye examinations and fitting contact lenses.


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