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Here are some more of the recipes for the creations made by Withy girls. Click the links or the images to see a pdf file of each recipe.

Chicken Satay Balls by Sasha

Chocolate ganache with raspberries by Olivia

Pasta Salad by Sophia

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake by Sasha

Girls and staff shared their efforts in the Easter Holiday Masterchef Invention Challenge, with recipes. Manal made her favourite chickpea salad …

… and Miss Bruce made sweet potato risotto on a bed of tomato and spinach, with pepper, courgette, avocado, pine nuts and a balsamic and lime dressing! Eric wanted to be the first to try it! …

… Maryam made an amazing fruit roulade ……

and Emma made a swiss roll, rice crispy cake (with cheerios!), butterfly cupcakes and strawberry oat cookies.






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