Instrumental Teaching

At Withington we offer a wide range of Instrumental Lessons for our girls. At present, the following lessons are available:

Piano Clarinet Viola Voice
Cello Saxophone Violin Harp
Flute Brass Guitar Oboe

Instrumental lessons are timetabled to take place between 8.20am and 3.40pm and will normally involve a fixed weekly lesson time for girls in the Junior School and some rotation of times when they are in the Senior School. Girls in Upper Fifth and Upper Sixth are given priority over times outside classes. The visiting teachers undertake to teach 30 lessons in the course of the school year, spread as evenly as possible over the three terms. In practice this means that usually 12 lessons are taught in the Autumn Term, 10 in the Spring Term and 8 in the Summer which takes account of the differing lengths of term, the occasional Bank Holiday, special school days and examinations.

Every member of our visiting staff is highly qualified and experienced and some combine a busy performing career with their teaching. Occasionally a lesson day may have to be re-arranged to accommodate this. A register of all lessons is kept and checked each week to ensure the smooth running of the system.

It is hoped that all pupils will enjoy their lessons and all are encouraged to take part in one of the large musical groups that exist at all levels in the School.


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