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At Withington we are confident that your daughter is given expert guidance and support at each stage of decision making. The Careers team work hard to ensure that Career guidance is an integral part of the curriculum and that advice offered is tailored specifically to the needs of each individual Withington pupil.

Many girls are quite clear as to the subject choices they wish to make and the eventual Career path they want to follow. Others may feel unsure about their plans for the future. With this in mind, each October, the Careers Team at Withington offer Upper Fifth students the chance to take the Cambridge Occupational Analysts Psychometric profiling tests.

Cambridge Profiling features include:

• A battery of tests that cover the student’s logic, verbal ability, non-verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and spatial and mechanical awareness. It also includes a series of personality tests that look at mental awareness, flexibility, commitment, initiative and personal interests. These tests are carried out in school and administered by COA professionals who are experts in the process and its relevance to Career and HE choices. The tests take half a day.

• As well as giving absolute scores, COA gives a profile of pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and how best to employ them. It also produces degree and career suggestions based on the profile and interest guides which are very helpful in giving the student direction at this point in their life. This profile is published in a comprehensive booklet for each girl and sent to them at home to read.

The test is followed up by an individual, feedback interview with a feedback team from COA to which parents are invited. This takes approximately 30 minutes and involves discussing the individual scores and profile with the student, looking at the results of the personality questionnaire and comparing it to the aptitude profile, discussing the suggested HE and careers and finishes by discussing the short, medium and long term HE and career options and decisions to be made.

Each student will receive a short interview written summary from COA as well as access to the COA support database which is available to the students until they reach the age of 24. This contact service will be ongoing throughout their time in full time education.


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