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“A school with dazzling academic results which seeks to empower girls to think independently, cultivate wide-ranging interests and embrace challenge. Girls who have a deep thirst for knowledge and learning will absolutely fly at this impressive high-performing school.”

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There’s never a dull moment at our Senior School.

Within this busy and buzzing atmosphere, our girls are at ease with themselves, socially aware and facing the world with confidence. Most importantly, pupils support and celebrate each other’s achievements.

All girls are part of a form (usually three per year) and a House (named after some of our Founders: Herford, Lejeune, Scott, Simon). At the beginning of Year 8, pupils are reallocated to different forms, enabling girls to enjoy a breadth of relationships across their year group. Meanwhile, the House system provides a forum for friendly competition across the school.

Registration takes place first thing and again after lunch. On Friday mornings, dedicated form time allows for PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education) activities, in addition to timetabled PSHCE lessons. Our inspiring and diverse morning assemblies take place three times a week, including visiting speakers and Thursday faith assemblies, led by Sixth Formers.

During the school day, our outstanding academic programme is the foundation of our learning and exceptional results. Some lessons are double lessons, allowing pupils to develop ideas and reflect on their learning.

But there’s so much more to life at Withington. House activities include sports activities, house plays, photography competitions, dodgeball, and festival of spoken English.

Not to mention an incredible array of extra-curricular activities – such as sport, music and drama; and a fantastic range of clubs such as Sculpture Club, Jigsaw Club, Garage Band, Coding Club or Social Action Club.

Of course, we also offer many exciting experiences and opportunities outside school to support our pupils’ learning journey, too.

Never a dull moment, indeed!

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