School Life

“The school encourages, in every area of life, creativity and independent thinking.”

Parent quoted in The Good Schools Guide

Playing, chattering, laughing, having fun… Our Junior School is a hive of activity, fizzing with joy, energy and enthusiasm!

Pupils arrive from 8am onwards. Our supervised Breakfast Club, part of our wraparound care, runs in the dining room with activities or games.

Most teaching takes place in their classroom, mainly with their own class teacher. Every pupil has her own desk to store pencil cases, devices and other belongings. As well as being part of a form, pupils are also part of a House (Hunter or Williams), creating a sense of community across all years in the Junior School.

Our morning assemblies are wonderfully varied. Sometimes they are pupil-led or could include a visiting speaker, exposing the girls to new ideas and sources of inspiration. There is also the occasional musical recital.

Of course, there are lots of opportunities for outdoor activity throughout the school day, too. Unless the weather is very bad, pupils play outside at both break and lunchtime, as well as taking part in sports lessons. Learning also takes place in our purpose-built outdoor classroom and we have our own pond where the girls study the natural world.

Supervised activities are offered until 5:15pm as many families take advantage of our wraparound care (included as part of our fees).

Pupils are also encouraged to think of others.

Throughout the year, we run numerous charity events. Pupils particularly love Odd Socks Day and our House Captains have recently created their own Junior School Cookbook in support of charity.

There are so many extra-curricular opportunities. There are all sorts of activities to join in and pupils can sign up for music and drama lessons (at additional cost). Not to mention our awesome school theatrical performances which involve our entire school.

Why not book a visit and come and experience our happy, lively school for yourself?

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